Great coaches see something in us that we can’t see ourselves, and they work pateintly with us to call it out of us. A great coach helps us become who we are and discover the buried inner glory that is waiting to emerge. But great coaches also challenge us to see something new in the world. They expand our horizons and introduce us to areas that we never knew existed. They raise our gaze beyond ourselves toward the physical and spiritual worlds. They open our eyes so that new things don’t threaten us, because we have the courage to embrace, grow, and lear.

— Darrin Patrick

Managers work on things that are right in front of them. They manage the e-mail inbox, respond to staff crises, sign checks, pay bills, and then drive home to relax at night before they have to do it all over again. Manage, rinse, repeat. But leaders are fixated on the next day, the next goal, the next project. While managers are tending the grass, leaders are peering over the hill. Sure, they respond to what is in front of them in the here and now, but they are also brainstorming about tomorrow. They exert energy to invent the future.Unllike a manager, a leader lives in the tension of the now and the next.

— Brad Lomenick (The Catalyst Leader)

I tell leaders all the time, especially those younger and equally ambitious, to become experts now, even before they need to be. Part of being a disciplined leader is being ready. When it’s your turn to come off the bench, when it’s your turn to give your opinion and offer advice, when it’s your turn to lead the project, you can step in and make it happen. Act, lead, dream, create, and deliver based on the job or position you want next, not the job or position you have now. Step into that role before you ever have it. Demand perfection from yourself before anyone else ever demands it of you. Hit homeruns in the know, but have a vision and hunger for something bigger. See where you want to be, and lead like you’re already there.

— Brad Lomenick

You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow.

— Harriet Martineau (via theimpossiblecool)

Hice una alianza con Dios: que El no me mande visiones, ni sueños, ni siquiera ángeles. Estoy satisfecho con el don de las Escrituras Sagradas, que me dan instrucción abundante y todo lo que preciso conocer tanto para esta vida cuanto para lo que ha de venir.

— Martín Lutero